Posted by AJS on April 12th, 2013.

Welcome to!
This is my own website, the content and views are entirely my own.
I live and work in the Midlands in the UK. I'm currently in a job, but I am interested in any offers.
I've worked in the IT related industry for over 15 years, before that I worked in the Broadcast & Cable TV industry and Higher Education.
Currently my work is all UNIX (Solaris) and Linux based, mostly remote data centre work for an online service provider using HP servers and storage (C-class blades and EVA and MSA storage). I am responsible for 80Tb of SAN based storage with Brocade SAN switches. In previous work I ran IBM's AIX on 4 IBM p595's with DS8300, DS4800 & DS4700 SAN storage via SVC as well as Linux under VMware on IBM Blade Centres. We also had some LPARs running Red Hat on the p595 hardware.
Also I have Cisco network experience, both LAN switching and WAN routing, from small 2600 routers and 2950 switches to enterprise grade 6509 chassis switches.
Further details and CV available on request.
Please see for my own website which has tech articles and howto's.
You can contact me with my email address:- "me at website domain name", please replace spam trap with the domain name of this website.